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Law & Order 100-Park Challenge

Title: Greetings from White Collar Crime

Flavor: Mothership

Characters: Connie Rubirosa, Mike Cutter, Kevin Bernard, and Cyrus Lupo

Rating: PG

Word count: 100

Note: So the recent Mothership drama has left me bummed, even though I’m not as active in the fandom as I used to be. So um, hello again.



She’d been meeting a witness in the park when she’d spotted them—huddled close—and smiled because of the familiarity. Their words had tumbled loosely—a lengthy conversation, held none too quietly. Well…Lupo was quiet.


They’d all looked older than she’d imagined. And…it would’ve been good to say hello. Proper. Nice.


She’d stepped closer.


Bernard had laughed at something Mike said, with Lupo shuffling awkwardly. She’d wondered if Lupo was still trying to become a lawyer, if Bernard had ever contacted his son, if Mike had…well. She’d wondered a lot about Mike.


And she’d wondered why she hadn’t stopped. 

Tags: fanfiction, law & order
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