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Law & Order 100-Winter Sports/Olympics Challenge

Title: Olympic Conversion

Flavor: Mothership

Characters: Connie Rubirosa/Mike Cutter

Rating: PG

Word Count: 100



“I’m not much for the Winter Olympics, Mike.”


“Have you seen them? Really seen them?


“Just the highlights…”




She was silent that Saturday night, eyes transfixed on the screen in his living room. Occasionally he’d look over, watching various emotions flicker across her face. Muscles tense with nerves. Eyes wide in anticipation. The tug of a smile.


It was almost as entertaining as the games themselves.


After the last event concluded, she turned to him, breathless and beaming. He didn’t gloat and she didn’t admit he was right—but kissed his cheek all the same.


“So, same time tomorrow?”

Tags: fanfiction, law & order
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